Shopware One-File Installer

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The Shopware One-File Installer supports you to easily install Shopware on your system. The wizard helps you to download and extract all files that are important for the installation of shopware.

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Step 1:

At first, open an (S)FTP connection to your webserver and open the document directory. This directory contains all the data, which is shown on your website. At the most hosters, this directory is called /www, var/www, /htdocs or /httpdocs.

This directory mostly contains an index.html or other files, which are delivered from your hoster by default. Delete, if existing, the index.html and the index.php. All other files can stay there.

Step 2:

Download the Shopware One-File Installer here and upload it in the document directory of your server (where you deleted the index.html or index.php in Step 1).

Step 3:

Now call your domain url, the Shopware One-File Installer will begin to work and loads the latest installation package and unpacks it, which is shown by the progress bar around the logo:

When the download has finished and the package is unpacked, the script shows you a check:

While you see the check, the script deletes temporary files and itself and redirects you to the Installer so that you can directly start with the installation.


After installation I can't edit the files

Because of the fact that not you upload the files but the Apache process, the downloaded and unzipped files belong to the Apache process. At the most hosters, this user is the same as your (S)FTP user, so you won't have any contraint.

In some cases it might happen, that the Apache process of your hoster is not the same as your (S)FTP user, so that may cause problems because you can't edit this files anymore. If you have to edit files, you have to change the ownership of the files, which can be done in the hosters control panel, if you need help doing this, please contact your hoster.

The One-File Installer won't open

If the One-File Installer won't start by itself, just call it directly:

The progressbar won't start / stop

If the progressbar won't start or stop, it may be caused by insufficient permissions of the executing user (the Apache webserver). In this case you can contact your hoster or install Shopware manually.

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