First Run Wizard

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The First Run Wizard will guide you through the setup of Shopware, where basic settings will be adapted. The First Run Wizard will only executed at the first login of an admin user after installing Shopware. After updates, the First Run Wizard will not show up.

First Run Wizard


At the first step the wizard shows you all available language plugins for your Shopware version. These plugins are community driven translation of the Shopware snippets, so it's backend and frontend. If you setup your shop for one of these countries, you can just install the desired plugin.

When you install a language plugin and proceed, the wizard asks if you want to switch the wizard to the downloaded language. Alternatively you can also switch to german or continue in english.

Demo data

Here you can install demo data for testing purposes. When you installed Shopware for a production environment, we don't recommend to install demodata, but for test environments you can install these data here as a plugin.


These are arerecommendations from Shopware which may be helpful for you. If needed, you can install them directly:

Further you will see Country-specific recommendations, this are plugins, which will be used often in the desired country. Just select your country to get an overview of the available plugins and install one, if needed.


In the area Shop settings you can set the basic informations of your shop like the name, e-mail address, address, bank details and the company.

In the Theme configuration you can set the primary and secondary color of your theme and the shop logo. Primary for example are Buttons, active and primary links and headings while secondary are secondary buttons, running text and other links.

Note: The bank details are used by default in the order confirmation mail in case of prepayment. Please fill this field HTML compliant to make sure, that breaks in HTML mails will look correctly.

The set Shop logo is used for all viewports by default. if you want to set divergent logos for single viewports, you can do this afterwards in the Theme Manager.

Mind the image size! While the theme and the most webmailers will display it correctly, applications like Outlook will display the image in full size, because they cannot interpret the related CSS property.


The wizard is finished now and he shows you further steps to go: Visit the Community Store, create a Shopware Account, visit the forum or open the documentation. By clicking Finish you complete the wizard and will be forwarded into the Shopware backend.

Tips & hints

Revisiting the wizard

If you want to revisit the wizard, you can reactivate it using the basic settings in Configuration > Basic settings > System > Backend by activating the First Run Wizard-option and clear the cache. After reloading the backend the wizard will show up again.

No store connection

In exception it may happen, that the connection to the Shopware Store cannot be established, in that case you see a the following error message:

If you didn't made any changes, just try it again later. If you entered a seperate store connection in your config.php, delete this entry an try it again. By default, the config.php looks like this:

<?php return array (
  'db' => 
  array (
    'host' => 'localhost',
    'port' => '3306',
    'username' => 'USER',
    'password' => 'PASSWORD',
    'dbname' => 'DB-NAME',

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