As a social coding platform for open source software, GitHub provides the space and tools for developers (contributors) to actively take part in the advancement of Shopware’s code. All users are free to report bugs and errors, create wikis and even submit their own improvements, called pull requests. Thanks to various networking options, GitHub is also the ideal venue for developers from around the world to interact and share ideas at any time. Available since 2008, this platform has come to be regarded as the de facto standard for collaborative development in open source software.


Issue Tracker

While we are hard at work improving and eliminating each and every error in our software, we are also searching for new, great features to make our solution all the more powerful. To this end, we offer the Issue Tracker, where you can send us suggestions for improvement and/or future releases of Shopware.

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Have you hit a dead-end and need a bit of food for thought? Join Shopware and the Community anytime for a bit of inspiration at the Shopware Gitter channel:


Shopware User Groups

Not only do User Group meetings create an even closer relationship between the Shopware team and our valued contributors, but they also intensify the exchange between Community members. For this reason, regular meetings are arranged throughout Europe, where we gather for delicious drinks, tasty food and the chance to discuss topics which interest us most. While there are suggested themes for each event, we prefer to keep the floor open and see how the conversation evolves.

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Crowdin (Translations)

Are you looking for a particular language? Have you found a missing or incorrect translation? You can help us improve Shopware's available languages and translations via Crowdin.

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